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TERMATALIA will reinforce its character as a thermal bridge between Euroasia and America with the celebration of TERMATALUA BRAZIL in Foz do Iguaçu, a sustainable and water-based destination. It will become again a BUSINESS CENTER and KNOWLEDGE that will bring together professionals from more than 25 countries. It will be held between September 12th and 14th under the slogan “The energy of the waters”, in the Master Convention Center of the Hotel Recanto Cataratas.

TERMATALIA will promote the exchange of experiences between different continents, from a business, institutional and social point of view, to obtain a global perspective of the sector, in order to promote the strategic market of Thermal Tourism and Wellness.


The positive result of the last editions of TERMATALIA will reinforce the project and accelerate the evolution of the sector in numerous markets. The main objective of this meeting is to become a PUBLIC-PRIVATE COOPERATION INSTRUMENT for the development of health and wellbeing tourism.


Professional actions


– XIII International Meeting on Water and Health.
– Workshop with Tour Operators.
– Specialized Press Mission.


– Business Rounds between Suppliers / Distributors.
– International Water Tasting.
– Investment projects.


– Thermal Routes.
– Courses and seminars.


TERMATALIA will continue to promote THE CULTURE OF WATER with the aim of increasing the number of consumers worldwide and will boost the event with:


All the activities and events of the fair

Wednesday, September 13, 2018

      • 09:00 .- 13th International Meeting about Water and Health. Tourism, Innovation and sustainability session.(From 09.00 to 12.30 und from 14.00 to 17.30)
      • 15:00 .- Course “Prevention and Control of Microbiological Contaminations in Thermal Centers”.Teacher: Mr. Antonio Freire. Doctor Specialist in Medical Hydrology, Medical-Director Aguas Santas, Director Balneario Río Pambre and Director GALA TERMAL. More information, click here.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

      • 09:00 .- International Meeting about Water and Health. Medical Hydrology Scientific session.
      • 09:30 .- Hydro-sommelier course (level 1).More information, HERE.
      • 10:00 .- Inversion Projects expositions.
      • 10:30 .- Masterclass: “Thermal Resources and Health Tourism”.Teacher: Mr. Laszlo Puczko. General Manager of lndustry lntelligence en RLA (Hungary). More information, HERE.
      • 14:00 .- International Fair of Thermal Tourism / Touristic workshop.
      • 14:30 .- AREA HEALTHY FOOD: Showcooking: Gastronomy of Galicia-Spain.
        Given by: Chef Carlos Parra (Spain).
      • 15:30 .- Presentation of documentaries of the Chair of Medical Hydrology USC-Balnearios de Galicia (Santiago de Compostela- Spain).
      • 16:00 .- Session about Management and integration of Wellness and natural resources.
      • 16:00 .- HEALTHY FOOD AREA: Showcooking: Gastronomy of Panama.
        Given by: Chef Fifita Bichili (Panama).
      • 17:00 .- Formation about selling of Health Tourism for travel agencies and micro-presentations.
      • 17:30 .- HEALTHY FOOD AREA: Showcooking: Gastronomy of Costa Rica.
        In charge of: Chef Niki Aguilar (Costa Rica).
      • 19:00 .- Presentations to the international press media.
      • 19:00 .- HEALTHY FOOD AREA: Showcooking: Paranaense Gastronomy (Brazil).

Friday, September 14, 2018

      • 09:00 .- 1st Latin American Thermalism Meeting (UNILA)
      • 09:00 .- Course: “Hydrothermal Esthetics”.Teacher: Dr. Patricia Hernandez Ruiz. Cosmetic Surgeon Doctor. Anti-aging Master by the European Union. General Manager ofTerracqua Medical Spa (Mexico).More information, HERE.
      • 09:30 .- Hydro-sommelier course (level 2).More information, HERE.
      • 10:00 .- Course: “Wellness , Touristic and Thermal Products Sales”.Teacher: Jesus Ares. General Manager of Yu Travel (Spain). More information, HERE.
      • 14:00 .- International Fair of Thermal Tourism / Touristic workshop.
      • 14:00 .- 16th International Water Tasting.
      • 14:00 .- Presentation of Call for Papers.
      • 14:30 .- International Meeting about Thermalism Public Institutions Politics.
      • 14:30 .- HEALTHY FOOD AREA: Showcooking: Gastronomy of Costa Rica.
        In charge of: Chef Niki Aguilar (Costa Rica).
      • 15:00 .- Conference “Couching in Esthetics”. Karina Serrapio. Dermatocosmiatra orthomolecular.
      • 16:00 .- International Meeting of Thermal Towns.
      • 16:00 .- HEALTHY FOOD AREA: Showcooking: Paranaense Gastronomy (Brazil).
      • 17:30 .- HEALTHY FOOD AREA: Showcooking: Gastronomy of Panama.
        Given by: Chef Fifita Bichili (Panama).
      • 18:00 .- Presentations to the international press media 2.
      • 19:00 .- Delivery of diplomas to the attenders to the International Meeting about Water and Health.
      • 19:00 .- HEALTHY FOOD AREA: Showcooking: Gastronomy of Galicia-Spain.
        Given by: Chef Carlos Parra (Spain).
      • 19:30 .- Closing ceremony and delivery of the prizes of the International Water Tasting.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

    • 09:00 .- Tourist-thermal tours. more ->
    • 18:00 .- Extraordinary Ceremony of the Santiago Way Order in Foz do Iguaçu.


1st Latin American Thermalism Meeting

Dates: 12th to 14th of September 2018.
Location: Main Auditorium (Moderato Room). Hotel Recanto Cataratas Resort – Foz do Iguaçu.

To register click here

1st Latin American Thermalism Meeting

Wednesday 12th of September
Tourism, Innovation and Sustentability Session

09:00 .- Opening.

09:15 .- Panel 1. Strategies of Development of International Health and Wellness Destinations.
Moderator: Dr. Mauro José Ferreira CuryAssociate Professor of the Universidade Estadual do Oeste do Paraná (Brazil).
Gilmar Piolla. Secretary of Tourism, Commerce and Strategic Projects of Foz do Iguaçu – PR (Brazil).
Juan Antonio Ruiz Morales. Secretary of Tourism of the Spanish Embassy in Brazil.
Melissa Tencio. Representative of Costa Rican Institute of Tourism.
Offer and investment opportunities in the Uruguay River Tourist Corridor “Pájaros Pintados”.
Lic. Karina Fortete and Alejandro Leites. Representates of MINTUR (Uruguay).

10:45 .- Break.

11:00 .- Panel 2. Strategies of Development of International Health and Wellness Destinations.
Andrew Jacka. President of the Asia Pacific Spa Wellness Coalition (Thailand).
Ricardo Sosa. Undersecretary of Tourism of the Province of Santiago del Estero (Argentina).
Ana Villarino Pardo. Member of the Provincial Parliament about Thermalism. Provincial Government of Ourense (Spain).

12:30 .- Lunch.

13:30 .- Panel 3. Regional Politics to Encourage the Wellness Tourism.  
Nava Castro. Director of Galicia Tourism Agency (Spain).

15:00 .- Break.

15:30 .- Panel 4. Marketing applied to wellness tourism.
Construcción de Rutas de Bienestar con Identidad Cultural.
Alejandra Millán. CEO de Wellness Trip Colombia.
Ricardo Ramirez.
Laszlo Puczko. Director of Industry Intelligence, Resources for Leisure Assets (Hungary).
Pablo Rivera. Technical Manager of the European Interborder Cooperation Association Eurocidade da Auga Chaves(Portugal)- Verin (Spain).

17:30 .- End of the session.

Thursday 13th of September
Medical Hydrology scientific session.

09:00 .- Opening.

09:15 .- Panel 1. Thermal Medicine.

New contributions in thermal medicine.
Dr. Francisco Maraver. Director of the Department of Medical Hydrology of the Complutense University of Madrid and President of the Spanish Society of Medical Hydrology (Spain).
Education for Health in Thermal Medicine.
Dr. Miguel Ángel Fernández Torán. CEO of Balneario de Cofrentes (Spain).
Dr. Juan Jesús Gestal Otero. Director of the Chair of Medical Hydrology at the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain).
Dagnaldo de Araujo Silva. Director of the Águas de Lindóia Municipal Spa, São Paulo (Brazil).

11:00 .- Break.

11:15 .- Panel 2. Thermal Muds.
Physicist-chemical study of thermal muds.
Dr. Francisco Armijo. Department of Medical Hydrology of the Faculty of Medicine of the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain).
Carmen Gómez. Department of Applied Physics of the University of Vigo. Peloides Termales S.L. (Spain).
Dr. Paulo Flavio De Macedo Gouvea. Muds Specialist Doctor of the Municipal Prefecture of Peruibe – SP (Brazil).
The application of Peloides in Termas de Copahue (Neuquen- Argentina).
Dr. Lorena Vela. Medical Director of Termas de Copahue.

12:45 .- Lunch.

14:00 .- Panel 3. Water, Health and Sustainability. 
Healthy destinations through their mineral water sources.
Dr. Antonio Freire. Medical Hydrologist. Gala Termal (Spain).

15:30 .- End of session.

Session on management and integration of wellness and the natural resources.

16:00 .- Panel 1. Integration of Wellness as a Business Model.
Zdeslav Radovčić. Founder & CEO of Health Industry Conference. Energy Clinic (Croatia).
César Tejedor. CEO of Massage Around the World- Wellness Consultant (Spain).
Business model of the first medical spa with natural resources in Brazil.
Sr. Dieter Brepohl, CEO da Lapinha Spa Brasil.
The energy of Foz do Iguaçu waters.
Dr. Fábio Tadeu Lazerini. Geologist and Doctor in Geoscience (Brazil).

17:30 .- Break.

17:45 .- Panel 2. Rules of quality and security protocols.
Alfredo Pérez. President of the Spanish Wellness Spa Association (Spain).
Fernando Fraile. General manager of the Spanish Touristic Quality Institute (Spain).
Joachim Lieber. President of Quality in Health Prevention (Germany).
Medical Hotels: Delimitation of Clinical Tourism and Economic Key Figures.
Prof. Dr. Mag. Kai illing. TourismDevelopmentHealthCare TDC (Austria).

19:00 .- End of the session.

Friday 14th of September
1º Latin American Meeting on Tourism, Wellness and Sustainability (UNILA): Water and Thermalism. 

09:00 .- Opening.

09:15 .- Panel 1. Social Thermalism.
Experience of the IMSERSO social hydromassage program.
Vicente Caballer. Vice President of the Thermal Centers Association of Spain.
Dr. Fernando Hellmann. Department of Public Health of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil).
Lic. Pablo Arturo Pareja. General manager of Termas de Chachimbiro (Ecuador).

10:30 .- Panel 2. Thermal Therapies in Latin America.

Stilt houses with Thalassotherapy. Innovative and Sustainable Thermal Tourism.Marianela Peña. Biologist (Mexico).
Lic. Teresita Van Strate. TVS Asesorías Técnicas (Argentina).

Back to the primal waters. An anthropological look at the management of ancestral waters in Colombia.
Ibalhú Rodríguez Nuñez. Founder of the Sindanamoy Welfare Center of Colombia.

11:45 .- Break.

12:00 .- Plans for the development of the complementary offer in health and wellness destinations.
Héctor J. López. Vice President of the Dominican Association of Health Tourism (Dominican Republic).
Alejandro Madrigal. General Director of Essential Gastronomy (Costa Rica).

12:45 .- Lunch.

14:00 .- Presentation of Call for Papers.

International Meeting of Thermal Towns.

16:00 .- Experiences of Europe.

Jorge Pumar Tesouro. Councilor for hydrotherapy in the City of Ourense (Spain).
Miguel Anxo Fernádez Lores. Mayor of Pontevedra (Spain).
Rui André. President of the Municipal Chamber of Monchique (Portugal).
Nita Torres. Representative of the European Association of Historic Thermal Cities EHTTA.
Laurent Dupont. Vertebration of Religious Tourism and Thermalism. Experience of Luchon (France).

17:30 .- – Experiences of Brazil. 
Santo Amaro da Imperatriz. Santa Catarina (Brazil).
Livia Drago. Professor at the Universidade do Sul in Santa Catarina (Brazil).
Foz do Iguaçu.
Itaipulandia. Ángela Lazzerini.
– Experiences of Arab countries.
Lotfi Khelifi. CEO of Middle East Health Tourism Magazine.
– Experiences of America.
La Fortuna.
Tadeo Morales. Vice President of the Chamber of Tourism and Commerce of Arenal (Costa Rica).

Melissa Tencio. Instituto Costarricense de Turismo.

19:15 .- End of the session.

TERMATALIA shall be equipped with a business centre to offer adequate space that kept dates from work to exhibitors and trade visitors. The actions to be developed include:

– Action with Agencies: The organization has scheduled a familiarization and training action for travel agencies in the retail channel.
– Trade missions of enterprises engaged in consulting, training, equipment and integral projects of balneotherapy, Thalassotherapy and spa design.
– Rounds of business between exhibitors and professionals displaced to the event.
– Investors Forum. Contacts between potential investors from different countries to learn about projects based on thermal tourism and health, to develop tourism or business cooperation in new business.

– Tourist Recruitment Exchange, with the participation of Wholesale Travel from Europe and Latin America.

– Mission of media in health tourism around the world.

Date of Celebration: SEPTEMBER 14th, 2018 at 14.00

In this new edition of Termatalia it will celebrate the 16th International water tasting in that will participate Brands of different countries.


  •  Very low mineralization or light waters.
  •  Medium mineralization or mixed waters.
  •  High mineralization or waters with character.

(*) 3 samples per category are needed, if not, they will compete in just one category: Natural Mineral Not Sparkling Waters.

  •  Natural Gas
  •  Added Gas
    B. Dry Extract:

  •  Very low mineralization or light waters
  •  Medium mineralization or mixed waters
  •  High mineralization or waters with character

(*) 3 samples per category are needed, if not, they will compete in just one category: Natural Mineral Sparkling Waters.
(**)3 samples per category are needed, if not, they will compete in just one category: added or natural gas mineralization.

  •  Prepared potable water, public drinking bottled water or purified water.

(*) Flavored, flavored waters etc. are not included



Special Awards


A 20 lines summary must be provided, as well as photos or other documentation that will be considered appropriate, 7 days before tasting date. Otherwise, they will not be taken into account.




It will be composed to international professionals and experts.

Bases Internacionales

Press here to read the Water tasting Rules.


– Participating waters must be present at fair’s Water Bar. Waters presented in the fair Termatalia. The tasting is free, there is no charge per presented sample.

– A minimum of 6 bottles, 50 cls. each one, must be sent.

– The bottles sent for the tasting must preferably be made glass ones, original and unopened.

– Tasting temperature: standard atmosphere, defined by the technical committee (+/- 2ºC).


– Diploma and trophy will be awarded for each category.
– Number of awards proportional to the number of samples. Three prizes will be awarded for each category (1st, 2nd and 3rd), it will be necessary to have a minimum of three participants for each prize.
– Prerogative to attribute special distinction if it suits a particular water or a deserving bottler.
– The winner can present the diploma and trophy and can represent it in its commercial packaging under the conditions of the license agreement issued each year by Termatalia and signed by the bottler.

Water awarded in the previous edition


        Natural Mineral Water, low mineralization:

  •          1st prize: Aguas de Cabreiroá (Galicia)
  •          2nd prize: Carvalhelhos (Portugal)
  •          3rd prize: Agua do Gravatal (Brasil)

        Natural Mineral Water, very low mineralization:

  •          1st prize: Agua Sana (Galicia)
  •          2nd prize: Aguas do Paraño (Galicia)

        Sparkling Mineral Water, with natural gas:

  •          Campilho (Portugal)
  •          Magma Original (Galicia)
  •          Pedras Salgadas (Portugal)

Sparkling Mineral Water, with natural gas:

  •  Campilho (Portugal)
  •  Magma Original (Galicia)
  •  Pedras Salgadas (Portugal)

Sparkling Mineral Water, with added gas:

  •  1st prize: Magma con gas añadido (Galicia)
  •  2nd prize: Aguas de Sousas (Galicia)
  •  3rd prize: Fontenova (Galicia)

Special Awards:

  •  Innovating Bottle: Agua de Vidago (Portugal)
  •  Special Corporate Social Responsibility Award: Fontecabras (Aragón).

Discover the services and products that a thermal center can offer!


Termatalia will recreate a spa centre which aims to raise awareness among professionals in the sector the different treatments and hydrothermal techniques and products and services that provide this type of centres (also the talasos and spas). To do this, it will be equipped with the latest in equipment and apparatus in the hands of City Spa, Spanish company leader in the sector of the manufacture of equipment for health resorts and spas.

It will create a place of relaxation and health which aims to disseminate among the public, the end user of such facilities, the different areas and structures of this type of establishments. The exhibition will be complemented by live demonstrations of various hydrothermal and manual techniques.


he good times that the wellness and wellness equipment industry is going through, in which thermal tourism plays an increasingly important role, turn this space into a meeting point for industry professionals to get to know the latest news and trends, as well as the different success stories that have been implemented both in Europe and in Latin America.

The recreation of this thermal center is one of the actions relating to promoting Water Culture among the visitors of the fair and it is complemented with other activities such as the Waters Bar and the Massages/Relaxing Area. These activities will also be promoted among the general public, end user of these facilities.

Wellness Area

Enjoy a massage session or treatment by professionals.


Termatalia will have an area dedicated to Dermocosmetics that will present innovative products that combine the best of cosmetic products with the dermatological treatments that are necessary for each type of skin.

The dermocosmetic is not limited to apply a temporary solution, but they bet to treat the root of the problem to eliminate it or to attenuate it, without losing an apex of its purely cosmetic functions.

Dermocosmetics manufacturers recommend combining their treatments with other actions such as good nutrition with the necessary hours of sleep and exercise. The dermocosmetic is another step when it comes to leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

The brands of dermocosmetics that work with natural products and especially those that use thermal waters or peloids have a place in this space.

Termatalia 2018 will have an area of Healthy Eating, a space dedicated to promoting healthy living habits with special attention to food.

This area will be formed by an exhibition area and a gastronomic classroom where visitors of Termatalia can learn about the benefits of healthy cooking.

The companies exhibiting in this area will be linked to balanced and healthy foods, and organic and biological products. These companies will be related to the wellness sector, in addition to betting on personal well-being.

Gastronomic pairings will be carried out within the Healthy Cooking Classroom, as well as other activities related to cooking, water, personal care and health. These “healthy showcookings” will be taught by professionals from the world of health and nutrition, as well as by exhibitors from this area who will show their products to the attending public.


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